Welcome to Sunbeam India

About us

“Sunbeam is proud to be India’s National Award Winning manufacturer and exporter of Aids for Independent Living / Home Products and Accessories”

Sunbeam is a business dedicated to personal freedom and mobility. We have been a supplier of mobility aids and personal care products to the elderly and persons with disabilities since 5th August of 1988. Through the use of mobility equipment, assistive technologies and living aids Sunbeam provides customers with products that

  • Assist whilst regaining mobility after surgery or during rehabilitation;
  • Enable ageing, disabled or those suffering from illness to stay at home longer; and
  • Facilitate greater mobility and independence.

We have been supplying equipment to customers and patients for more than 30 years and operate from locations in UK and Europe. We are personally committed to the well-being of our customers and genuinely care about your lifestyle and independence. Our knowledgeable, experienced, friendly staff and wide product range ensure we can help you find the best solution for your situation.

Value Statement

At Sunbeam we pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication to patients, customers, staff and the Health Professionals and Careers with whom we work. As an organization we commit to the following values in the delivery of our products and services

  1. Accountability - for our actions and our service in terms of products, procedures, delivery, and outcomes
  2. Commitment - to all patients and their families, our customers, staff and health professionals
  3. Pride - through appreciating, supporting and respecting those we work with and those we work for
  4. Learnings - to improve our capability, expand our expertise and grow our Company
  5. Integrity - by exhibiting honesty, respect, humility, support and trustworthiness in our dealings with our clients, our staff and our business partners.

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