Tripod cane

Product Details

1. Three legs with aluminium shaft.
2. Height adjustable from 79 cm to 104 cm (31 Inches-41 Inches).
3. Rubber ferrules on all three legs.
4. This European Style Quad Walking Stick is made from lightweight aluminium.
5. Height adjustable from 66cm - 92cm (26"" inch - 36"" inch). 6. It has a swan shaped curved neck, which places the user's weight directly over the shaft for safety.
7. This stick has three feet at the end of the cane shaft which provides a wider base offering more stability for the user.
8. Extra grip rubber ferrules on all three legs’.

• Lightweight
• Extra grip rubber ferrule
• Height adjustable
• Anti corrosive surface treatment for legs

Sunbeam tripod cane stick with three legs is a light weight stick which provides additional comfort and support for people with arthritis pain in hands and legs while walking indoors and outdoors.