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Our Vision

Quality Care in Your Home

Sunbeam’s Vision

To attain and maintain the status of being largest manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art Assistive Devices at affordable cost for Persons with Disabilities in India and Abroad.Our aim is to improve the quality of your life and give you the resources, encouragement and power to make choices to enhance your well-being and lifestyle, whether it’s in your own home, local community or in our residential facilities.

Sunbeam Objectives

  • To manufacture and supply quality Aids & Appliances at affordable cost.
  • Sunbeam is an ISO 9001 Certified designer and manufacturer, meaning Sunbeam is committed to the standards of workmanship that are documented and repeatable to ensure the finest quality every time.
  • To ensure that all Aids & Appliances supplied must bear ISI mark and must be durable, modern, sophisticated and scientifically manufactured.
  • To work with integrity aiming at excellence in quality, cost and customer responsiveness and to make continuous efforts to improve serving our customers to their full satisfaction.

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