Stacking commode

Product Details

  1. Stacking commodes are made from high quality steel tubing, finished with a high performance powder coating.
  2. Each commode has a cushioned over seat and back, covered in heat sealed, waterproof vinyl.
  3. They come with a hinged seat and a 5 litres pan with lid.
  4. It comes with backrest and armrest.
  5. It occupies the least space Come with a high weight bearing capacity 120kgs.
  6. It is epoxy powder coated which makes it aesthetically pleasing and rust proof.
  7. Contains rigid steel frame which ensures a very sturdy, durable product.
  8. Encompasses adjustable height and a removable pot.

• Adjustable Height 

• Detachable or fixed arms rests 

• Round plastic moulded seat & pot 

• Cushioned over seat

Sunbeam stacking commode chair is height adjustable. It is stackable upto ten commodes one above the other for easy strong & transportation. Moreover, the commode chair consists of high quality steel tubing, epoxy powder coated with cushioned over seat and back making it easy to use, hygienic, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.