Toilet Frame Height and Width Adjustable

Product Details

1. The toilet frame is height and width adjustable.
2. The user can remove the E clip provided and proceed to adjust the frame to their preferred height.
3. It doesn’t require additional tools. The frame also offers the width to be adjusted.
4. The armrest provided in the frame is exceedingly comfortable. Exposure to water doesn’t cause any harm. This makes the frame supremely easy to clean.
5. It provides safe support when lowering to and raising from the toilet seat / Wheelchair.
6. This support is suggested to be installed in homes with older persons to get a grab bar or toilet frame near the toilet seat, disabled persons- it provides assistance, pregnant women, and when in post-surgery recovery.

Adjustable height and width
• Plastic moulded arm rest
• Tubular frame
• Non- slip rubber ferrules

Sunbeam toilet frame is ideal for the elderly, the disabled individuals, pregnant women and post-operative people with limited mobility, to help them stand up and sit down, preventing them slip or fall down. It is suitable for bathroom, shower and toilet.