Rubber ferrule 16MM

Product Details

1. High-Performance: The design of the bottom is more non-slip, providing strong grip.

2. Wear-Resisting: Built-in steel cushion to reinforce the tips. Its wear-resistance is three times more than that of ordinary natural rubber.

3. Adhesion, grip performance properties are strong, Effectively ensure the safety of the user walks.

4. Kindly refer the product description before buying the product.


• Anti-Skid & Anti-static

• Made of Natural Rubber

• Can be used on any Walking Aid

• Available in sizes 16 mm 


These rubber tips are durable and meant for long use. It provides a base of support to ensure balance and stability while walking using a crutch. A universal fit, it has a non-slippering tip specially designed for making using crutches easier and safer. Offering several benefits, the use of these tips may provide superior traction for increased efficiency, stability, and safety.