Tripod Rubber Ferrule

Product Details

1. It provides greater balance and stability on any surface when properly installed on your existing standard or folding cane.
2. Three contact points with the floor design features self-standing which can prevent the walking stick from falling over.
3. The bottom anti-skid & anti-static rubber base can offer great traction when walking on uneven or loose terrain, which effectively ensure the safety of the user.
4. Large contact area, durable rubber tip end , great replacement.
5. An perfect gift for your grandpa, father or anyone using the walking stick.

• Anti-Skid & Anti-static
• Made of Natural Rubber
• Can be used on any Walking Aid
• Available in sizes 16, 19, 22mm

Enjoy younger life! Standing tripod support rubber ferrule provides balance, stability and allows your Walking stick to be self-standing. Replaces existing rubber ferrule for our three-tier design allows for better traction. Fits most manufacturers' walking stick.