Rubber ice spike

Product Details

1. PROTECT YOUR HARD SURFACES – This rubber ferrules protects hardwood, tile, laminate floors from scratches, and dents from wooden and metal folding chairs, walking sticks, canes, stools, and folding tables. While everyday use and movement of furniture or walking with a stick can be damaging to your hard floor surfaces. So, we have designed this rubber tip that can protect your floors, from a slide and protect the trekking poles.
2. GREATER BALANCE AND STABILITY – It provides greater balance & stability on any surface when properly installed on your existing standard or folding cane, walking stick, or furniture. You can use it on hard surfaces liked roads, sidewalks, and feel the additional traction from the tips to help prevent slipping & improve stability. If you are using it for walking sticks or hiking poles, it flexes as you walk & absorbs the shock of each step to effectively reduce fatigue in the hand & wrist.
3. EASY INSTALLATION, PERFECT FOR ALL FURNITURE & WALKING STICKS - This anti-slip design can be an easy install and fits securely for superior hold in use because it’s not only wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, but it’s a protective cover also.
4. DIVERSITY OF USES - This is the most common type of ferrule which can be seen on all sorts of sticks, and helps to grip hard and smooth ground. This is one of the most commonly used sizes, suitable for round furniture feet, Sofa/chair legs, etc. It’s suitable for use indoors and out, this ferrule won't slip when you press down and has the added benefit of cushioning the impact you feel through your hand and up your arm. The sleek, rounded design of the tip allows for a smooth stride.

• Anti-Skid & Anti-static
• Made of Natural Rubber
• Can be used on any Walking Aid
• Available in sizes 16, 19 & 22mm

1. Helps to get extra grip on the hard surfaces.
2. Helps to reduce the noise while on the hard surfaces.
3. Helps to mitigate some of the shock on stone pavement.
4. Attractive design gives extra aesthetic appeal.
5. Ultimate stability and control.
6. Helps to improve grip, reduce the risk of slipping
7. Black Rubber Ferrule Heavy Duty, Non Slip, Walking Stick Tips.